Attention Brides and Grooms To Be!

I submitted our wedding to Offbeat Bride and they accepted it!  See our post on Offbeat Bride. And don’t miss the links for some great artists at the end of the post.

Look at the sun on our shoulders!

Look at the sun on our shoulders!

We are a blessed couple!  We had such a great time planning and dreaming, but we have a better time as husband and wife. (I promise that this will be the last time I gush about my husband on my blog…but I’ve promised that before).

Visit Offbeat Bride for tips on making the wedding you choose freakin’ fabulous!  I did, and I’ll NEVER regret it.

BTW…I love you, Joseph Alexander Merza!

6 thoughts on “Attention Brides and Grooms To Be!

  1. Hi, Devon! Such a cool idea for a wedding. My friend has been looking for offbeat wedding ideas for me and she found your blog! Would you mind answering a few questions for me about your Knoebels wedding?

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