Finally, Some Productivity!

I have recently been reminded that if there is something about my life I don’t like, it is up to me, and no one else but me, to change it.

This led me to a productive weekend. Rather than sitting around sulking or dreading Monday morning’s arrival, I set myself a list of things to do. While making a list is not really different from any other weekend, this weekend was different because I actually tackled the list.

The biggest entry on the list was to get some writing done. I’d actually had quite a few ideas running back and forth in my head, and it was time to get them from my head to the paper.  As I’d mentioned in a previous blog, getting the thoughts on paper hasn’t been going so well for me lately. Getting frustrated with my lack of results, or more accurately, what I believed to be low quality results, made it easy to procrastinate.

But I had some extra motivation in the form of my upcoming one-year wedding anniversary. Because my husband ordered me not to spend any more money, and because I felt I still owed him another gift, I decided that I would write him a story.

Of course, this is still me, so it’s still a morbid tale (meant for inclusion in 13 Morbid Tales), but he was the inspiration for it and so it should be “his” story.

I hope this momentum keeps up. After all, it is up to me to become the writer I want to be.

How do all of you keep momentum going?

4 thoughts on “Finally, Some Productivity!

    • That’s where I’m lacking. I tell myself to write every day, and it’s not that I don’t try, it just doesn’t always happen. That’s the first change I need to make.

  1. I like that a wedding anniversary story qualifies for “13 Morbid Tales”!

    But as for momentum, the only way I’ve found to keep it going is to write every day, preferably on a firm schedule. If your brain is geared to do the same thing at the same time every day, you don’t have to think much about what you’re going to write.

    • LOL…Thank you! We were married in front of a haunted house ride with a sign that says, “A terrifying adventure in darkness” so it is kind of fitting.

      Also, thank you for your advice. I do tend to be a creature of habit/structure, so I will definitely take your advice!

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