Announcement: Site Maintenance

Update: December 19, 2022

Hello again, Readers, Friends, and Reader-friends!

First, thank you so much for your patience! This should not have taken a month, but for some reason, when I’m strategizing my own content, I’m pretty indecisive. Normally, I’d go to the data for guidance, but since I’ve treated this space mostly as a hobby site, I didn’t have very enlightening data, either. So, rather than bore you with the ins and outs of web content development, I’ll just tell you what has been updated in the last month.

  • Updated Tabs:
    • The former “About” tab is now the “Home” tab and is where you will land when typing or clicking
    • “The Blog” is now under its own tab.
    • A “Contact Us” tab has been added so you can tell me just what you think of me. Be gentle with my fragile ego, please.  
  • Revamped Categories:
    • “Reviews & Stuff I’m Reading/Watching” has been changed to “Entertainment” with a subcategory for book reviews.
    • NEW CATEGORY! “Deconstruction Diaries”. If you know, you know.
  • Ugh…Twitter:
    • The Twitter widget displaying my Twitter feed has been removed. I don’t think I need to go into why. I mean, it’s obvious at this point, right?
    • Appropriate posts still have a button to quickly share to Twitter—for now. Seriously, I might remove those buttons this afternoon. I dunno.

Stay tuned for updates still to come!

  • Aesthetic:
    The current look was fresh when I last overhauled this site, but that was almost seven years ago now. The look needs to be updated, if for no other reason than that I’m getting kind of bored with it.
  • Accessibility:
    I want my site to be accessible to all, and right now it just isn’t. For example, I know I have a ton of images that don’t have alternate text behind them to aid people with visual impairments. I strongly suspect I fail the accessibility test in other areas, too. I’m working on it.

So, why all these changes?

I make a living advising other entities on how to strategize their content and bring their sites up to industry standards and best practices. When working with those other entities, I’m constantly in the headspace of questioning how well their content is serving the audience. So, maybe…just maybe…my own website shouldn’t be total clown shoes. Maybe it should be more than just a vanity site.

And hey—I have a “Contact Us” tab now. So, feel free to drop a suggestion or two.


Post: November 16, 2022

Hello Readers, Friends, and Reader-friends!

I’m doing a little site maintenance, so some things may not be where you or I left them. Bear with me while I make decisions about the direction I want to take this site, whether I want to add another, or whether I just need to revamp everything here.

I appreciate your patience!


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