Writer for Hire

So, you’re looking for a writer…

Pick me! Pick me!

Ahem. Sorry. I got ahead of myself. We should probably make sure I’m the kind of writer you’re looking for.

Do you need a:

  • Creative Writer/Author
  • Marketing Copywriter
  • Web Content Writer/Blogger
  • Technical/Procedural  Writer

Or do you simply need a unique personality that can string some words together to form a sentence?

Pick me! Pick me!

  • Check out my work history and contact me via my LinkedIn Profile
  • For short term projects, you may want to try my Fiverr Profile
  • Or simply contact me at devonlmiller@gmail.com

Writing Samples

Please note that the technical writing I have done was/is export controlled, making it illegal to retain samples. As much as I’m sure I’m going to love you, I’m not going to jail for you. Additional creative samples and are available upon request. Please also contact me regarding samples of my content development work.


Marketing Copy: