Other Cool People

Janell R. Colburn

Who she is: Janell R. Colburn is an incredibly talented artist and is the lady behind the cover art for 13 Morbid TalesEasy going and intuitive, she is really easy to work with and does not disappoint.

Where to find her: www.jnlart.com, Facebook

Reggie Lutz

Who she is: Reggie Lutz is the author of Haunted and Aliens in the Soda Machine and Other Strange Tales, and is the editor of my book, 13 Morbid Tales.  She offers a number of writing services and excels at them all. I can’t say much at the time of this writing, but keep your eye on her. She has (and we have, for that matter) a lot more cool stuff coming.

Where to find her: reggielutz.com